Valo Intranet Release 1.12 “Green Flash” – mobile push notifications and tons of other improvements!

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It’s time to announce another release of Valo Intranet. Our dedicated and committed team of experts has again worked hard to take the award-winning Intranet package onto a whole new level. 

Mobile app

Valo Intranet Mobile App is available for iPhone and Android.

The Mobile App included in Valo takes the corporate communications onto a whole different level. In this release, we’ve added push notifications; When the content producer publishes an important news or alert, the users get a notification in their smart phones.

The mobile app has also taken other big steps forward. It now supports the formerly released Multilingual version of Valo, where contents are managed in multiple site collections. And the user interface of the mobile app itself is now  available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Finnish.

My Tools

Ever dreamed of a personal link list that is available on every page of the Intranet? A link list that includes both the user’s personal links and administrator-provided tools? This is what the new My Tools feature is all about.

My Tools – a list of links and tools that follows you everywhere

News Center improvements

The news publishing continues to be among the most wanted features of any Intranet. That’s why the Valo team constantly improves this feature.

Valo news center is at the same time user-friendly and adheres to Microsoft’s best practices.

The News center now displays the image and ingress for each news item. Highlight news are marked with an exclamation mark.

The news image display logic and cropping has been streamlined, aiming for a faster workflow from image production to news publishing.

There is a new web part called News Comments. Its purpose is to help users stay on track of the comments on news items. We feel that this greatly improves the adoption of the Social Intranet.

News Comment feed helps users stay on track of the discussions around news.

Expertise Finder

The People Finder has been a great success, and now we are extending it to a more complete Expertise Finder. Users can narrow down the search results by office, location, skills, any category that is available in the user profiles.

Expertise Finder helps find experts in your organization.


Microsoft has recently improved the collaboration features in Office 365, adding completely new tools for the users to choose from. Not only have they added the so-called Modern Team Sites but also whole new features such as Planner and Microsoft Teams. Valo Intranet is now gradually including those features in the Intranet context, providing clear access to the productivity tools.

We have improved the overview of the user’s Office 365 Groups. Our plan is to deepen this integration, giving the users an answer to the “what to use when” question.

Valo Intranet integrates seamlessly with Office 365 Groups, Modern Team Sites, Planner…

Continuous improvement

In this release, we have added a long list of improvements and fixes. Our goal remains the same: We want our customers’ Intranet to stay fresh, work without problems, and include all the most wanted features and new innovations.

Here are some picks:

  • The Admin Toolpack, the Intranet content manager’s dashboard, includes a new KPI called Most liked news.
  • Lots of visual improvements that make the daily life of Intranet users and content producers more pleasant.

And on the technical side of things, we are using bleeding-edge technology to

What’s next

Right now, the team is working on the following topics:
1. New visual UI template codenamed “Candela 2.0“,
2. Deepen the integration with the productivity tools in Office 365,
3. Modernize the technical platform,
4. Stabilize all existing features.

Next release is in July 2017.

Candela – the new UI option for Valo Intranet. Coming soon!

Off topic: Partner Summit

Last week, the first ever Valo Partner Summit took place. We had partners from 12 countries of the world sharing best practices, discussing the Valo Intranet roadmap, and having a good time together. Thanks for all the participants and see you again next year!

Valo Partner Summit 2017 in Florence, Italy

Stay tuned for more news!

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