Valo minor release 1.14.1 published – “Do these guys ever take a rest?”

How about this. Less than a month after the last major release 1.14 was published, the Valo Team is able to come out with yet another news: Minor release 1.14.1.

This release is another evidence that the team listens to customers and partners, and tirelessly works on adding new features and improving the existing ones.

Read further to learn what is included in this release!

More languages

In this minor release, we add Catalan as a language option for the Intranet. (Nothing to do with politics though!) Furthermore, to delight our friends in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are happy to announce that the Idea Management Tool is now available in Dutch! Dank U wel!

Teamwork 2.0 loads faster

We know that in a typical scenario, the information worker can be a member of dozens or even hundreds of Office 365 Groups. Therefore, in our test lab we are testing the page loads with hundreds of memberships and thousands of documents. We have taken steps forward in regard – with release 1.14.1. the pages load significantly faster.

Teamwork 2.0: Option to hide private Groups from Discovery

In Valo Teamwork 2.0, you can discover and join Office 365 Groups. Both public and private Groups are returned by Microsoft Graph Interface. However, for those customers who prefer not displaying the private groups, we have added the option to hide them from the Discover view.

Discover and join Groups. Now the admin can choose to hide private Groups from this view.

…and beyond!

This release includes 13 further minor improvements and fixes. Customers and partners have access to our release notes where they can learn all the details.

So, does the team ever take a rest?

Yes, we do :) Finnish workers have one of the best work life balances in the world. Still we are able to keep up an incredible pace with our product; Our team is full of experienced and motivated people, and we know how to focus on the right things. I guess that is our secret sauce.


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