Modern Valo Intranet 1.0 Released – The Next Generation Digital Workplace Solution

Breaking news – Modern Valo Intranet is now available for all! As the digital workplace continues to quickly grow and expand, with Modern SharePoint as one of the newest additions, we are growing and expanding alongside it with the release of our newest solution, Modern Valo Intranet!

We truly fell in love with Modern SharePoint when it launched. Since Valo is already built on top of SharePoint, making the most out of Microsoft’s existing features and offerings, creating a version on Modern SharePoint was a natural continuum. So, in response to the launch of Modern SharePoint, we did just that!

Now, we are bringing it to you almost a month before the original plan, making us the first to deliver an Intranet solution on Modern SharePoint – Modern Valo Intranet!

A modern way to get end users excited about their digital workplace

As we all know, aside from being its namesake, Modern SharePoint revolutionizes the SharePoint we know and love. Everyday users will particularly enjoy the update, as it makes it a lot easier for them to use, providing them with a faster and more responsive product, straight out of the box.

With Communication Sites, Modern Team Sites and other improvements, such as column formatting and business apps integration, users will love to work with the new SharePoint.

It has been a joy for our developers to take advantage of these new offerings and, yet again, make the user experience something special.

At Valo, we don’t want to replace what SharePoint is, but rather deliver extra value on top of the great features SharePoint already provides.

Sébastien Levert, Product Owner and Evangelist, Valo

A modern way to collaborate

Valo Intranet built on Classic SharePoint, loved by over a million users around the globe, is an amazing solution that works on top of SharePoint 2013/2016, as well as Office 365. So why should you get Modern Valo Intranet?

While Classic Valo is still very much alive and kicking, Modern Valo Intranet is the next step in our journey! This version of Valo is built 100 % on top of Communication Sites, Hub Sites, Team Sites and provides enterprises with the features they need to increase collaboration and engagement utilizing their intranet.

Here are some of the top features:

  • Consistent branding and navigation across your communication and collaboration sites
  • Easily create pages and news from pre-saved templates
  • Reach the right people with targeted news
  • Keep your team connected no matter what the language with full multilingual functionality
  • Deploy with just one click thanks to our automated deployment

And the thing we especially love when it comes to modern is that it is so much easier for content producers, people in communications and HR to focus on the content alone instead of understanding the technology behind it.

With Valo Modern, you are able to reach your people no matter where they are or what device they are using.

A modern and complete intranet, not instead, but on top of SharePoint

Modern SharePoint alone is epic, but we wanted to take it to next level. We have worked closely with our partners and early-stage customers to fine-tune the features. This has enabled us to provide a product that will give extra-value on top of SharePoint.

KNAPP AG, a global organization bringing new technology to warehouse logistics, is one of those of our early-adopters among the first  Valo Modern customer. Even though they new Valo Modern is in its very early stage, they were impressed and decided to go for Valo  to fill the missing gaps in the functionalities Modern SharePoint still has.

KNAPP AG is currently building a corporate intranet with Office 365, SharePoint modern and Valo modern on top. Although it’s an early stage to use Valo modern we decided to build the intranet in Office 365 and Valo modern, because Valo modern is closing the gap of the last ~10-15 % of functionalities that one is missing in Office 365 and SharePoint modern out of the box. Editors will get a modern UI and we expect that they will be publishing new content easily and fast. By using Valo modern on top our goal is to keep technical barriers as low as possible for both content editors and consumers of the intranet, so our intranet becomes what it should be – a useful tool that our colleagues love to use.

Andreas Waltenstorfer, KNAPP AG

Our partners also love the modern version of Valo!

Valo Modern brings Modern SharePoint to a complete intranet. With SharePoint Modern, you get a base framework for a responsive new age intranet. With Valo Modern, you get ready to go intranet that you just need to fill in the content!

Jeff Collins, SharePoint and Office 365 Adoption Expert, Coupled Technology, Valo Partner

It’s not like you are either going to choose Valo or you are going to choose SharePoint Modern. Valo Modern is not a replacement for SharePoint functionality but it is embracing that functionality and building upon it!

Daniel Glenn, Microsoft MVP and Practice Lead InfoWorks, Valo Partner

If it’s all about Modern, what happens to Classic SharePoint?

We can ensure you, Classic SharePoint is not going anywhere anytime soon. Modern makes a huge difference to the user experience but if you are happy with Classic, there is no rush to move to Modern. Valo will also continue supporting Classic as long as it exists. However, Modern is awesome and we encourage you to prepare yourself for the switch.

Are you already an existing customer of Valo with Office 365 and a Fresh subscription? Great news – you can update to Modern as a part of your Fresh subscription! Just contact your certified Valo Partner to learn more.


Would you love to hear more about our modern solutions? To witness these features yourself and learn more, visit us at one of the next events we’ll be attending or book a demo and discussion with us! You can also take a deeper dive into the world of Modern Valo Intranet.



And last but not least, check out this eBook written by Joanne C. Klein, Microsoft MVP and learn all the best practices for designing an Information Architecture with modern SharePoint!

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