Valo Modern 1.4 – Fluo: engaging intranet using more social interactions and instant news!

valo modern release 1.4

Introducing you the latest Valo Modern Release 1.4 Fluo with instant news delivery and yammer commenting!

In the previous Valo Modern Release 1.3 Cathode we brought you tons of new features delighting especially content creators and after that, our development team has worked hard to create you even better news experience both from content creator and consumer perspective.

The biggest features of this release are the following :

  • Yammer commenting on all pages and news of your intranet
  • Instantly deliver news to your users
  • Extend the Valo experience further with our full UI extensibility framework

Yammer commenting on all pages and news of your intranet

Interacting with colleagues and content owners is at the center of the engagement in a digital workplace. With the current tools that we have available in SharePoint, it’s possible to interact via SharePoint comments or via the integration of a Yammer group to any page.

What if both could come together to enable you to share your thoughts about a news article or page directly in Yammer? That’s exactly what we did with this release!

You can now configure a Yammer commenting webpart on any page and news and leverage your enterprise social network as the system where all social interactions (including comments and likes) will be stored! Consume those comments from either location, directly in the Yammer group or in the SharePoint page and news, to make your social interactions ubiquitous!

Enabling yammer comments in your news
Valo Modern Release 1.4 enables Yammer commenting inside your news.

Instantly deliver news to your users

News are a key component of delivering content to your audience. Delivering them at the right time, for the right people, is what makes it relevant for everyone.

With this release, we are making available a new data source in our Universal WebPart, the News Data Source. This will allow you to choose up to 5 sites where the news can come from and that will be delivered instantly to your users. No more indexing, no more waiting for everyone to see the news. It’s. Right. There!

This feature is delivered as an optional configuration and can be used in a lot of different content distribution scenarios! Feel free to have a look and build your best news center yet!

valo modern release 1.4
With News Data Source you can choose from up to five sites where the news can be created instantly visible to your audience.

Extend the Valo experience further with our full UI extensibility framework

Our customers are in love with the Modern interface for Valo Intranet enjoying all the available features. But a digital workplace needs to represent your organization and all its specific requirements. That’s why we believe that Valo needs to be fully extensible to allow integration of custom UI elements and to allow your content to be coming for various sources, including external system!

Valo Modern now allows you to build your own controls and components and integrate them directly in some reserved areas in the Valo interface! This will allow you to customize the content of some of our own controls or even override some of their behaviors.

We are also launching our custom data sources, that will allow you to use our Universal WebPart with all of its templating power but while leveraging external data like a custom ERP system, other SaaS applications or even your own in-house databases! Built for the geeks, while thinking about the end user and the business value!

And tons of smaller enhancements, bug fixes and stabilization!

And this is only the beginning! Feel free to look around and feel all the small adjustments we’ve made to Valo Modern to really feel how amazing this release is! We’ve enhanced our content creation wizard to support an unlimited number of sites connected to your hub, we injected lots of accessibility features, we made sure our UI was even more polished, etc.

Great gems hidden all over the release so what are you waiting for? It is already available!

Don’t forget our native Mobile App for Valo Modern! Digital Workplace allows you to take your Intranet with you in your pocket!


So, you are as excited as we are about this brand new Valo Modern release? If you are existing Valo Customer, contact your Valo Certified Partner to request and schedule your update to benefit from all this goodness as it’s already available!

If you are looking to renew your intranet to Valo Modern, book a demo with us and we’ll show you around and forward you to your local Valo Partner.


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