Valo Release 1.11 – Multilingual Intranet, News Center improvements, and a lot more!

Valo Mobile App

We are excited to announce another release of Valo Intranet. The new release includes a huge list of improvements to all the existing modules of Valo, plus a completely new add-on called Multilingual.


When the first version of Valo Intranet came out in 2011, its biggest fans were small and medium-sized organizations. Big companies still tended to choose a customized Intranet project. Fast forward to 2017, and today even the largest companies of the world are looking for ready-made Intranets. The option of not purchasing a turnkey solution for your company’s new Intranet has become an exception.

This new release of Valo adds a Multilingual version, which makes Valo a perfect Intranet solution for even the largest and most complex organizations. Valo Multilingual enables you to manage your Intranet content in multiple languages. We currently support 14 languages out-of-the-box, and additional languages are possible to implement as well.

You can use the Multilingual feature for slicing your Intranet contents not only by language, but also, say, by country or business area. A typical scenario is where you have global Intranet contents plus local contents organized in country sites. Valo Multilingual supports this scenario perfectly. It includes intelligent content roll-ups, making it easy for the user to see both local and global contents.

Multilingual intranet
Valo Multilingual landing page. In total, 14 languages are supported.

Idea Management

The Idea Management Tool came out in the previous release of Valo. We are already working on its next version, making branding easier, and exposing the idea flow to the Intranet front page.

Mobile App

The Valo mobile app has been available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for a while already. It is available free of charge for Valo Fresh customers. With the Valo Mobile App, your end users can read, comment, and like corporate news. The push notifications will come out very soon. With the push notifications, the Valo Mobile App will take your corporate communications to a completely new level.

Valo Mobile App
Valo Mobile App takes your corporate communications to a new level

Continuous improvement

In this release, we have added a record-breaking number of improvements and fixes to please our existing customers. Here are some picks:

  • The Event Hub displays ongoing events and is more customizable
  • The Our People section displays more contents from the people presentation
  • The News Center looks more user-friendly and supports multiple news categories
  • The front page 3*3 link icons have animations, making the Intranet more vibrant and alive
  • The Teamwork module is more customizable than ever, supporting 1 to 3 workspace categories and custom category labeling on the summary page

Our plans for 2017

During the first half of 2017, the main focus areas for Valo product development will be the following:
1. Further development of Mobile experiences,
2. Align Valo with the Modern SharePoint and other new features in Office 365,
3. Extend the existing features such as Admin Toolpack and Teamwork,
4. Stabilize all existing features.

Winner of the Best Intranet/Extranet Solution 2016

At the 2016 European SharePoint Conference in Vienna, Valo Intranet was awarded by the European SharePoint Community as Europe’s best Intranet/Extranet solution. We are so proud for having won this award. Years of hard work and investments are finally paying off big!

Valo Intranet ESPC Winner Award
Valo won the Best Intranet/Extranet Solution award at the 2016 European SharePoint Conference

Stay tuned for more news!

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