Valo Release 1.15 Sundog: New UI, mega menu, world clock, and a lot more!

Valo Release 1.15 Sundog

Just before Easter, the Valo Team has released a new version of Valo Intranet: 1.15 Sundog!

The Sundog release adds loads of new features and other smaller improvements to Valo Intranet and Valo Teamwork. In addition to the completely new UI option Candela, this release brings many additions that are especially helpful for Valo Intranet users in large organizations – such as World ClockCDN (Content Delivery Network) support and Mega Menu.

The new UI Style: Candela

Whether you’re an existing Valo customer looking for an Intranet facelift, or a new customer looking for a modern Intranet that your users will fall in love with, you should look at the new Candela UX.

The new Candela UX is loaded with eye-candy and WOW effects. Try it out!
In Candela, we’ve made the publishing of people news easier: When you attach a vertical or square image to a news, it aligns the image to the right, and places a blurred copy of it into the background. You will spend less time editing your news images!

Here’s a GIF animation showcasing just one of the many WOW details Candela has:

Candela eye candy

Mega Menu

We know that navigation and information findability is the key to success in your Intranet portal. We know that you have tons of contents and you are asking yourself: Will the users find the information they are looking for?

With the new Mega Menu, we are giving the users a clear overview of the navigation structure. We also enable you to promote a current topic with a banner image within the menu.

The mega menu in Valo gives a clear overview of the navigation structure, and includes a banner placeholder for promoting a current topic

(Note that with Valo Admin Toolpack, you can monitor the number of views for the pages, thus ensuring that the message really comes across!)

We also acknowledge that content personalization is important for you. Therefore, the last item of the mega menu is customizable by the user – we call it My Tools. In My Tools, the administrators maintain a (possible very long) list of links to tools, applications, and sites. The users can pick their favorites from that list. Additionally, the users can add their own links. And finally, the users can add the current intranet page to their My Tools, for reading later.

Watch the following animation to see how the Mega Menu and My Tools works:

Mega Menu and My Tools in action

World Clock

World clock is the visual presentation of the local time in different locations. It is typically used by multinational companies to display the local times in their different offices.

Valo World Clock can be configured to display the local time in your offices. Visually you can use a digital clock, an analog one, or both.

CDN Locations

Performance and fast page loading are always a number one priority for us.

Office 365 Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides you an easy solution to host your assets directly from your own Office 365 tenant. It can be used for hosting any static assets that are used in SharePoint Online. Based on our tests, CDN improves page load times. Therefore, from this release on, Valo is fully compatible with CDN! Read more about Office 365 CDN.

Improvements for Valo Teamwork

In November last year, we published the first version of Valo Teamwork. It has already proven a very popular feature, bringing together all your collaboration tools, with a global meta data model, and adding a managed process for the creation of new Groups.

For the Teamwork module, the 1.15 Sundog release will improve and broaden the support for different collaboration tools. The release brings automatic provisioning of Yammer and Teams to provide easier creation and management of your solution. In addition to that, PowerBI and Stream are now seamlessly included in Valo Teamwork. Furthermore, you can now include 3rd-Party collaboration apps such as Confluence, Salesforce or Jira. Finally, we’ve  improved the creation of customized SharePoint Team Sites. 

The Sundog release also brings a great number of performance improvements to viewing your groups, latest documents, discussions, and group discovery. 

Valo Teamwork provides fast access to all of your collaboration tools, with meta data and a managed Group creation process

New version of Valo Mobile App released 

Did you know that customers using Valo Intranet with the annual Fresh subscription, have access to our native Intranet App, free of charge?

A new version of Valo Mobile App is made available for both iOS and Android devices in the respective app stores. This version includes a new offline mode and many other improvements for the installation and login processes. Update your Valo Mobile app from the application stores!

…and a lot more!

As always, these big features are just the tip of the iceberg. This Valo release includes more than 40 minor improvements and fixes. Contact your local partner to get the detailed release notes!


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