Valo Release 1.8 – Useful analytics and new shiny UI


We’re happy to announce the release of Valo Intranet 1.8, “Alpenglow”. This release includes several new, exciting features like the cool UI theme and the useful Admin Toolpack that provides insight over your Intranet performance and analytics.

New Lux interface brings shiny look & feel

In addition to the existing Lumen UI template, we now provide an alternative option: Lux. Lux promotes the Intranet shortcuts in a grid on the front page. Highlight news are cycled in a carrousel. The contents are grouped into three columns in the desktop view.

Lux is available free of charge for customers that have a Fresh subscription.

Lux UX
New Lux user interface for Valo Intranet


Lux UX
Lux is maximizing the modern and enjoyable user experience


Lux UX
Lux  is a flexible solution for branding – choose your logo, colors, shortcuts, and titles – make it your own!

Admin Toolpack – quick access to your Intranet analytics and tools

Ever wondered what your Intranet’s most visited pages are? And what are the pages that hardly ever get visited? What are your largest and most popular workspaces? Is there a deep site structure somewhere, perhaps affecting your Intranet performance and resulting into bad usability?

Enter Administrator’s Toolpack – a dashboard that gives you an overview of the most important statistics and tools in your Intranet. Admin’s Toolpack uses color-coding for indicating when an element requires attention. Using Admin’s Toolpack is the best way to get to know your digital audience, Intranet users. Now you have a powerful tool that automatically collects helpful data for you and makes it easy to monitor and analyze traffic and usage on your Intranet. It’s like the eyes and ears of your Intranet!

Admin Toolpack
Admin Toolpack

User-friendly manuals

We have made a complete re-write of Valo user manuals. The new user manuals are use case centric. We are sure that they will provide answers to content producer’s questions faster than before.

Mobile App coming soon

The Valo Mobile app development is in a prototype stage (I have it on my Android already!). We expect to publish it more widely during the next 1 or 2 months. We’re working hard for launch day – and getting excited!

Valo Mobile app
Valo Intranet native mobile app for iPhone and Android – launch day is coming up!

Other improvements

In this release, we have published a total number of 48 minor improvements and fixes, making Valo Intranet even more robust and easy to use. As always, our Fresh subscription customers can enjoy these updates without additional cost.

Coming up next…

Release 1.9 “Anthelion” will be out early June. It will include integration with Office 365 Groups, a self-service branding tool, ready-made Intranet forms, and a lot more. Stay tuned!

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