Valo Release 1.9 – Keeps Your Intranet Aligned With The Microsoft Platform


We’re happy to announce the release of Valo Intranet Release 1.9, “Anthelion”. This release adds the integration with Office 365 Groups, ready-made forms, support for SharePoint 2016, and a long list of other improvements.

Office 365 Groups

In Office 365, you can choose your collaboration tool between two options (which we notice are converging but not quite there yet): Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Team Sites. Whichever tool you choose to use, Valo Intranet supports both. Valo Teamwork Hub now provides an overview of the Groups the user has joined, highlighting the user’s favourite Groups, and displaying the Groups that the user can join.

Just like in Valo’s already existing Workspace solution, we provide a quick search over the Groups, and a quick access to new Group creation.

Further, Valo surfaces recent discussions and documents from the user’s Groups, without the user having to delve into individual groups.

Valo Intranet meets Office 365 Groups
Valo Intranet meets Office 365 Groups

Ready-Made Forms

Our mission is to stop re-inventing the Intranet wheel. We decided to also stop re-inventing the holiday applications and IT support request forms we’ve created for so many of our customers, and included them in the product instead. These forms are created with Microsoft’s standard tools. You can either use them as such, or customize and extend them using your tool of choice – whether it’s Power Apps, InfoPath, Nintex, Formotus, or similar.

In this release, Valo includes a handful of the most common forms, and we plan to add new forms to the list in future releases.

SharePoint 2016 Support

Remember the times when you had to purchase a costly and complex project just to get your SharePoint Intranet migrated to a newer version? Thanks to Valo’s modern architecture, those projects are a thing of the past.

One of the great advantages of Valo Intranet is its full adherence to Microsoft’s most recent Cloud development principles. We are fully aligned with the remote provisioning model and are making extensive use of client-side code. The main takeaway is that your Intranet continues working when the platform is updated – whether it’s cloud or on-premises. We put this promise to test when SharePoint 2016 came out. We upgraded the SharePoint platform from 2013 to 2016, and – as expected – Valo continued working. No changes to our solution were required.

Other improvements

On publishing the new add-on Administrator’s toolpack last time, we promised that we will enrich this toolkit in every future release. We are keeping our promise. This time we have invented content tools, a set of quick access links to the most common content management tools, such as creating new news, publishing an open position, modifying page footer, etc. Our goal is to make Valo Intranet so intuitive to use that you will never have to read the user manual.

Valo’s Event Hub now supports event targeting. Let’s say you have a local event taking place in your Manchester office. With Valo, you can target the event for the Manchester people only. Given that the news publishing already supports targeting, and that by the end of the year we will add targeting for the quick links, we are approaching a situation where the front page is fully personalized per user.

People Finder, the handy tool for finding colleagues, has gone through a facelift, making it even more attractive and displaying more information in the results.

Valo Intranet People Finder
Valo Intranet People Finder

This latest version of Valo also supports our native mobile app for iPhone and Android. We are currently looking for beta testers!

Coming up next

Release 1.10 “Mirage” will be out in September. It will include a new add-on called Idea Management Tool. And by the end of this year, Valo will have full multi-language support and a fully personalized home page. Stay tuned!

Blue Meteorite (Microsoft Country Partner Of The Year 2016!) has some 100 SharePoint specialists. For Valo Intranet, we have a dedicated team 10 people strong. This team is not only inventing better tools for the workday experience, but also constantly aligning the product with the changes and new features in the Office 365 and SharePoint platform. We roll out a new release every two months and publish hotfixes in between if necessary.

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