Valo Teamwork Release 2.0 is Out Now!

Valo Teamwork Release 2.0 is out now! It brings you a bunch of new features, including an HR onboarding template to make digital collaboration within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint a lot easier and more structured! 

This release contains a new HR Onboarding Template, new icons for Valo Teamwork web parts, support for terms and conditions, support for Sensitivity Labels,  an enhanced naming policy at template level, along with other improvements and bug fixes.

5 new features in Valo Teamwork Release 2.0

Look out for the following five new features in Valo Teamwork Release 2.0 onwards.

1. An HR Onboarding template

A new default template for employee onboarding is available in Valo Teamwork from this release onwards. The template will not only help HR teams to manage the onboarding process more effectively. It will also help the new employee to have a holistic view of their onboarding process along with all the relevant information they need at hand.

Teamwork 2.0 Edit Teamplate
The ready-made default template will help HR teams and team leaders to manage the onboarding process more effectively.

This Microsoft Teams template consists of two default tabs named ”Onboarding tasks” and “Team info”. In addition, a ”Welcome message” and “default team icon/logo”, along with default governance rules have been added as well. It is possible to customize and extend this template: for instance, over-and-above Teams tabs or additional governance rules can be added.

Teamwork-2_0-HR Onboarding- Order a new group
You can edit the different template features, like add an image and/or logo.

2. Terms and Conditions

Valo Teamwork Administrators can define terms and conditions at the template level that users need to approve when submitting their order form.

3. Sensitivity Labels

Valo Teamwork supports the Sensitivity Labels that are used to protect content in Microsoft Teams teams, Microsoft 365 groups and SharePoint sites. In detail, the support includes privacy and external user access.

4. Naming Policy

Valo Teamwork supports applying naming conventions to individual templates. Starting from this release, naming policies for templates can be easily configured in the Valo Teamwork Admin site for each individual template and it is possible to have different naming policies for display names and site address. Additionally, user properties can be used as placeholders in naming policies.

5. New icons for Valo Teamwork web parts

A blue Valo icon is now used across all Valo Teamwork SPFx web parts to simplify the identification of Valo Teamwork components.

There’s plenty more that was not covered here so to get the full feature list and tour, book a demo or contact us for more information.

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Everybody is happy with the modern Valo Teamwork, because it’s easy to use. Getting rid of the metadata-based libraries is also a relief for many people too.


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