Valo Teamwork Release 3.0 is out – Empowering Lifecycle Management of Microsoft Teams

Valo Teamwork Release 3.0

Valo Teamwork Release 3.0 is out now! It comes with a bunch of usability and performance improvements, along with more governance and lifecycle management options. The most exciting feature is auto-archiving because it reduces the management work of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups.

Release 3.0 adds a lot of great improvements to  Valo Teamwork that bring high value to our customers and solve real business issues. Here are the highlights:

1. Increased dashboard performance and usability

Ensuring data consistency, faster load times, and enhanced usability was one of our main goals in release 3.0. We redesigned the Valo Teamwork dashboard with a clear focus on usability, accessibility, and performance.

Valo Teamwork dashboard has been redesigned for improved usability, accessibility, and performance.

Optimized Navigation: A new experience that offers a better mobile and accessibility support.

Search refinement section: Made it more visible. Plus, added a new “Search” button and optimized existing functionality such as “Reset Filters” and “Manage Filters”, making it more intuitive to use.

Search results section: Limited the search results shown to 100 Teams/Groups or Sites to speed up the dashboard loading performance.

Teamwork dashboard: Created a new tab called “My favorites” to display all the end-user’s favorite Teams, Groups, and Sites.

Workspace Request button: Reengineered, renamed, and redesigned the button to request new Teams, Groups, and Sites.

2. Increased teams creation performance and stability

The faster Microsoft Teams teams can be created via Valo Teamwork, the more efficient customers are. We reengineered our service to reduce the time it takes to create a team.

3. Workspace Summary web part

Workspace Summary web part now brings membership, metadata, lifecycle & more workspace information directly into SharePoint.

Valo Teamwork Group/Site Information web part got some ValoLove. We renamed and redesigned the web part to offer a better usability and configuration options to our end users. The web part brings membership, metadata, lifecycle, and much more workspace information directly into SharePoint.

4. Managing lifecycle policies with auto archiving

This is a new feature for Valo Teamwork admins. It simplifies the lifecycle management of workspaces in Microsoft 365, reducing the work required to ensure relevant content in your organization.

It’s initially only available for Valo Teamwork Enterprise customers and only applies to Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.

Valo Teamwork has simplified the lifecycle management of workspaces in Microsoft 365.

This new feature allows the creation of auto archiving policies based either on workspace creation date or metadata fields with support for renewal notification, customizable notification templates, and extensibility. For example, admins can enter a Logic App or Power Automate URL that extends the auto archiving process.

Other functionality includes:

  • Identify broken lifecycle policies
  • Apply a lifecycle policy to existing workspaces or workspaces created outside of Valo Teamwork
  • Extend the auto archiving due date
  • Restore archived teams and groups

5. Hub association

Hub Sites are the heart of strong intranets. Valo Teamwork administrators can now configure Hub Sites at template level. Workspaces created based on preconfigured templates will be automatically associated to the corresponding Hub Site.

Find out how Prica Global is successfully using Valo Teamwork

Want more ideas about how to use Valo Teamwork? Read how Prica Global is using Valo Teamwork and all of Valo’s product range as part of its digital transformation.

Prica Global Enterprises Inc uses Valo Teamwork for its digital transformation
Prica Global is using Valo Teamwork to effectively manage and centralize access to documents.

Our construction department is using Valo Teamwork to access documents, videos, and notes. The IT department is using Valo Teamwork to manage the platform, to do project provisioning, and administration. Other departments, like property management, are mostly using it for task management, and planner. So, we have various departments and various types of usage of Valo Teamwork.


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