Digital workplace solutions to help you build a virtual workplace based on your needs


Take a tour to Valo’s digital workplace solutions to see how Valo helps you to succeed in taking care of the company’s most important competitive advantage – your employees


Digital workplace solutions to help you build a virtual workplace based on your needs

increase internal communications with microsoft intranet

valo intranet

Intranet in-a-box that meets the modern workplace needs

Valo Intranet is the center of all internal communication, brand, and culture of your organisation. It offers all the features your team will need – along with a beautiful user experience

Engage employees
and exchange ideas

Communicate the way you’re used to. Comment, like and share status updates. Valo Intranet is a must-have to any virtual workplace.

Available in 20+ languages

Valo Multilingual lets you manage content in multiple languages, allowing for a truly global, multilingual intranet.

Customise and extend to fit your needs

In-a-box answers most of your basic internal communcations needs. To meet your more demanding needs, choose add-ons or customise.

build a better workplace with valo connect

valo connect

Build a custom enterprise portal with Valo Connect

Unite your team and tools under one roof. With Valo Connect you can communicate, collaborate and co-innovate without leaving the comfort of Microsoft Teams.

So much more than just your intranet inside Teams

Bring your employee communications, news, and information as part of Microsoft Teams and extend it even outside Microsoft.

Simplified collaboration

Find and edit files and content from across your Digital Workplace with powerful search capabilities.

Personalized experience

Offer targeted news and create apps for different audiences to provide personalized experience for everyone

Highlight Group to promote them in Valo Teamwork

valo teamwork

Make governing corporate collaboration easy

Valo Teamwork is your automated one-stop-shop for digital collaboration in Microsoft 365. It helps you to govern the creation of ready-to-go workspaces based on IT-approved templates

Group lifecycle

Valo Teamwork makes the process of ordering, approving and managing groups easy.

Find documents
and discussions quickly

Find the latest documents and discussions in any group using filters and search

One dashboard
for everything

Organize your groups in one view and access each team’s collaboration tools promptly.

fall in love with co-innovation wirth valo ideas

valo IDEAS

Drive innovation with Valo Ideas

Co-create and drive innovation while having fun. With Valo Ideas your workers can present new ideas, discuss and react to them from Microsoft Teams! Valo Ideas is available as part of Valo Intranet subscription.

Ideate inside Microsoft Teams

Enable everyone’s ideas to be heard through the tools they know and love: Microsoft Teams!


Innovate and make constructive decisions with ideas that are collected and developed within your organization.

Empower your employees

Build a better workplace with an ideation tool that empowers collaboration, innovation, and transparency inside your organization.

Valo Extranet SharePoint extranet


Co-operate with external network

Offer your external network an easy-to-use extranet experience. Valo Extranet is quick to set up and have all the most important features for effective and engaging communication and resource sharing.

Centralized information sharing

Offer a centralized platform to share information and materials for your external stakeholders with the invitation-only platform.

Quick to set up, easy to use

Providing the same most important features as Valo Intranet, Valo Extranet is quick to set up and easy to use.

Beautiful to look at

Take advantage of your company branding also in your external communications.

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