build a better workplace with valo connect

Where all your digital tools unite

Build a custom enterprise portal inside Microsoft Teams with the digital tools your staff need and love and customize your personal dashboard with Connect Me.

Consolidate your digital solutions under one roof

Access and use through Microsoft Teams

Compatible with any SharePoint page

Embed your favorite Power Apps

Integrate web applications or 3rd party software*

Holistic employee experience

Create a complete and personalized digital employee experience integrated inside the world’s most loved collaboration tool; Microsoft Teams.

Focus on things that matter the most

Simplify your digital employee experience. When everything is in one enterprise portal, your staff can focus on collaboration, co-innovation and everything else that matters.

Valo Connect <3 Valo Intranet

Welcome to your new online office. Bring all your favorite Valo Intranet features and add-ons directly into Teams including important news, pages, features, web parts, and more!

Personalized dashboard

Connect Me displays content that is truly relevant to the employee. Highlight important content, see your daily calendar, view your most recent documents and read the latest news targeted to you.

A one-stop enterprise portal

Don’t  force your people to leave Teams. Bring everything in it instead

Intelligent intranet
Build your team with People Directory
Access from anywhere, just like Microsoft Teams

So much more than just your intranet front page

It’s all your internal communications accessible inside Teams. With a personalized news feed, you ensure your staff is on the pulse at all times.

Build your team

In a digital world, it’s hard to get to know your workmates. Introduce people to each other with personalized user profiles they can relate to and help your team work better together.

Access from anywhere

Whether you prefer accessing your favorite remote working tools in a browser, from your desktop or mobile app, Valo Connect goes hand in hand with all Teams’ platforms.


Teams-driven collaboration taken to the next level

Enjoy Personalized Experience with Valo Connect
Foster teamwork in Valo Connect
Valo Connect offers Powerful Search  Capabilities

Personalized Experience  

Every person has different work requirements – just like the tools we use.  No matter the use case or audience, with Valo Connect you can offer everyone personalized views and access to the content and tools they consume in their day to day worklife.

Foster teamwork

Enable better teamwork and remote collaboration. Whether your team is exclusive or extensive, Valo Connect helps you foster teamwork and collaboration.

Powerful Search  Capabilities

Find, check, and edit company files located anywhere in or outside of Microsoft Teams. Enterprise Search enables you to find any document you are looking for based on its type, author, or using a free-word search.


Configure with a couple of clicks and you’re ready to go!

Valo Connect App & Team Tabs
Customize and extend your Valo Connect beyond Microsoft
Extend your Valo Connect beyond Microsoft
Valo Connect is easy to install

Valo Connect App & Team Tabs 

Meet the needs of your whole organization and offer easy access to your corporate communications, information, and apps through the Personal App. Create more targeted tabs by adding them inside specific teams manually or through the MS Teams templates.

Customize based on your needs

Endless customization possibilities! Pre-approve a set of tabs that can be used by the organization’s different use cases. Go beyond by adding any web application or 3rd party software* to your comprehensive online office.

 Extend beyond Microsoft 

Whether it’s an external website or a 3rd party application, you can bring your favourite tools into Valo Connect to extend its capabilities beyond any other digital workplace.

Your governance respected

Valo Connect leverages the Microsoft Teams platform and Admin Center. Utilize and deploy according to the setup policies, security settings, and everything in between to ensure Valo Connect plays by your own rules.


Integrate other Valo Products as part of your digital workplace

fall in love with communication with valo staff intranet
valo teamwork is a team collaboration tool at its best
Valo Ideas - easy-to-use ideation tool

Valo Intranet 

Bring your employee communications and content to enhance digital workplace experience with Valo Intranet.

Valo Teamwork

Enjoy seamless integration between Valo Teamwork and Valo Connect without ever leaving Valo Connect’s dashboard.

Valo Ideas 

Enhance your employee engagement and allow co-innovative crowdsourcing directly in Teams with the most intuitive ideation tool: Valo Ideas.

Loved by the customers and trusted by the digital workplace experts

Don’t just take our word for it; see what the users and the leaders shaping the digital work culture say.

Valo Customer Superior Riggigns Gabby Cagliani

“Valo Connect has provided our team a more efficient experience by integrating our company intranet and Microsoft Teams. It allows us to access our people directory and other company resources all from within teams. This is especially helpful for our field members working remote from their iPads. With Valo Connect, they are able to locate all information quickly without having to toggle between multiple applications. It has been a revolutionary tool for our business!”

Gabby Cagliani,
Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., US
Valo Customer Vlad Stojic from Prica Global Enterprises Inc

“Collaboration workspaces for our projects have been personalized with widgets. Using Valo Connect 2.0 you can basically embed everything you need that’s important for your profile in Microsoft Teams. I think it’s awesome.”

Vlad Stojic
Information Systems Analysist, Prica Global Enterprises Inc
Pål Olav Loftesnes from dapt by Bravo

“I love Valo Intranet and I love working in Teams. Now I’m able to combine the best of two worlds, creating an incredible intranet experience for our customers, keeping the communication lines open in one unified platform. Valo Connect just makes sense!”

Pål Olav Loftesnes
Project Manager @dapt by Bravo, Norway
Martin Harris from Insight

“Don’t drag your users over to the intranet, bring the intranet to the place where they are already working!”

Martin Harris
@ Insight, Australia

  • Cloud only
  • Use through the browser, or the Teams app
  • Extend beyond Microsoft
  • Fully compatible with PC and Mac
  • WCAG 2.1 Compliant
  • SharePoint Online & Microsoft Teams licenses required
  • Single sign-on
  • *Supports 3rd party tool integration when embedding is available
  • Delivery partners in 50+ countries
  • Available in English

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