Valo Entrance access management tool

Easy and secure external stakeholder management

Organize and manage your external users’ access to various Microsoft 365 resources and enable an effortless self-registration experience for them with Valo’s access management tool

Access management tool to manage your external stakeholder accesses

Access management tool for any Microsoft 365 resource

Built for Modern SharePoint

  Enable permissions to your Microsoft Teams

  Automate Azure AD Security at scale

External user access management tool

With Valo Entrance, you can fine-tune precise user permissions for your trusted B2B vendors and partners with highly secure data integrity.

Provide customized access

Managing external access to your resources is easy. Define access for individuals or entire organizations by using unique emails or whole company email domains.

Self-registration for external stakeholders

Valo Entrance’s Self-Service registration makes it easy to provide external stakeholder access for your trusted partners and vendors.


No compromises on security

Define which data to grant access to in Valo Entrance
Valo Entrance is Secured by Azure AD

Exclusive approvals for defined information

Valo Entrance is a highly secure access management tool for Microsoft 365, providing access for the privileged users you invite. Choose which materials and information you want to share with your external stakeholders and securely grant access to that data only.

Secured by Azure AD

Valo Entrance relies on Azure AD security and makes it easier for you to share data and applications by automating and streamlining many time-consuming tasks. Security test by external security audit confirms the safety of tool.

Easy external stakeholder management

Agile and admin-friendly access management tool

Transparent user management in Valo
Flexible and instant permission management in Valo Entrance
Admin defined Access Units in Valo Entrance
Management without coding in Valo Entrance

Transparent user management

See who has permission, what they have permission to access, and who has self-registered at any time from a single screen.

Flexible and instant permission management

Provide and remove permissions easily for external individuals or for entire organizations with a couple of clicks – without affecting anyone else’s permissions.

Admin defined Access Units

Custom-defined Access Units let admins organize permissions however best serves their needs: whether by customer, project, location or according to any other combination of parameters.

Management without coding

You don’t need to be an IT specialist to be a Valo Entrance Admin: Anyone in your organization can manage external stakeholder access with just a few simple clicks.


Self-registration for privileged users

Admit access in a easy way to large groups of people using Valo Entrance
All-access from one place in Valo Entrance
Brand your invitation email in Valo Entrance

The easy way to admit large groups of people

Valo Entrance alleviates much of your workload by enabling users to register themselves through the Self-Service Registration Portal. All you need to do is to add their domain to one of the Access Units.

All-access from one place

One easy-to-find, branded location that stays the same for all registrations and logins – even if the resources that the user has been granted access to, change.

Brand your invitation email

Make it your own by branding your invitation email that is automatically sent after each successful registration.

Personalised dashboard for external stakeholders

After logging in, users can browse all the different resources they have been granted access to in their personal Lobby.


Enhance the co-operation with Valo Solutions

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  • Cloud only
  • Fully integrated to Microsoft 365 ecosystem
  • Fully compatible with PC and Mac
  • Single sign-on
  • Security-tested by Ampcus Cyber Inc.
  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish & Dutch – reach us for more languages
  • Delivery partners in 50+ countries

Trusted by digital workplace experts worldwide

Don’t take only our word for it; see what the leaders shaping the digital work culture say

Ben Short Senior Consultant at Synergi

With any Extranet, one of the greatest overheads is managing users and their permissions. Valo Entrance alleviates much of that workload for us by enabling users to register through the Self-Service Registration Portal.

Ben Short
Senior Consultant @ Synergi UK
Maximilian Wageneder

With the emerging development of the digital workplace and the associated collaboration between organisations, there is a growing need for a way to interact with guests in a simple and straightforward way. Valo Entrance offers you and your external stakeholders a self-service tool that provides a convenient and, above all, secure procedure for inviting guests.

Maximilian Wageneder
Project Manager @ Solvion, Austria
Grant McWhirter from Digital First

IT Governance is always a key component when working in the cloud. Valo Entrance makes governing external access to Office 365 easy through the self-registration portal and allows companies to focus on delivering world-class services for their customers knowing that their Extranet is secure.

Grant McWhirter
Director | Principal Consultant @ Digital First, Australia
Florian Reinprecht Solvion

Valo Entrance is simple to use, lightweight and connected to other platforms. The self-service feature and Access Units are the features we were looking forward to simplifying our guest invitation processes.

Florian Reinprecht
Technical Manager @ Solvion, Austria
Valo Partner Synergi United Kingdom
SOLVION Valo partner
Digital First Valo Partner

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