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Empower teams across your organization to collect insights by offering them ideation tool to co-innovate together

Ideation tool to collect, discuss, nurture, and manage ideas

Powered by Valo Intranet
  Access and use through Microsoft Teams

Crowd-source to make a difference

Build a better workplace, product, or service with an idea management tool that empowers collaboration, innovation, and transparency inside your organization.

Innovate with ideation tool

Innovate and make constructive decisions with ideas that are collected and developed within your organization.

Empower your employees

Enable everyone’s ideas to be heard by using the tool they know and love: Microsoft Teams! No matter the title, location or department anyone can become an ideation

Motivate your employees

Include your employees with ideation tool

Engage your staff by offering an easy-to-access ideation tool
Crowd-source for best results with Valo Ideas
Break down the silos with valo ideas
Define the idea reach in Valo Ideas


Engage your staff by offering an easy-to-access ideation tool that collects valuable ideas to improve and create a better product, service or workplace.


Any employee can react or contribute to the ideas or suggestions they find valuable to help improve or even solve them.

Break down the silos

No matter the title, location, department, or time zone, Valo Ideas enables everyone to participate in ideation.

Define the reach for the idea

The contributor defines whether the Idea reaches one specific Team’s channel or is sent out to the whole organization.

Make ideation Easy and fun

Collect the ideas before they’re gone

Log ideas anytime, anywhere with Valo Ideas
Turn any discussion into an Idea in valo ideas
Easy to create campaigns with valo ideas
Personalised dashboard in valo ideas
Valo Ideas bot work it’s magic in the background

Anytime, anywhere

Bring some innovation power to any channel in Microsoft Teams by creating an Idea campaign to collect input around relevant channel topics.

Turn any discussion into an Idea

Any casual discussion can later be turned into an Idea with the Teams-integrated feature.

Easy-to-create campaigns

Bring some innovation power to any channel in Microsoft Teams by creating an Idea campaign to collect input around relevant channel topics.

Personalised dashboard

Access and organize your own, new, and trending Ideas located in the Teams you belong to through your personal dashboard.

Valo Ideas Bot

Concentrate on ideation inside Teams while Valo Ideas bot work it’s magic in the background.


Recognize the Ideas getting most attention

Activate to innovate in valo ideas
see the trending ideas inside the idea management tool
Execute the best ideas with valo ideas

Activate to innovate

Launch Idea Campaigns to request input around specific topics.

Analyze and measure success

See which ideas are trending and what category has the most contributions with a visual Analytics board inside the idea management tool to prioritise the execution of ideas.

Search & Filter

Search and filter ideas by type, team, benefit, category or by “most trending”.

Execute the best ideas

Valo Ideas makes it easy for decision makers to act on the most promising, trending and liked contributions.

Valo Ideas <3 Microsoft

Powered by Microsoft Teams and modern SharePoint sites

All teams can have their own Ideas dashboard in valo ideas
Let Valo Ideas take care of the backend
Microsoft 365 Respected
Single sign-on through Microsoft credentials to Valo

Easy installation

Install directly into your existing Teams. Define Categories and Benefits unique to your needs and you’re ready to go!

Powered by Microsoft Teams

Create ideas using Microsoft Teams and let the Valo Idea Bot do the rest.

Microsoft 365 Respected

Microsoft 365 Groups are leveraged to ensure your security boundaries are respected.

Single-sign on capability

Keep it simple,safe, and intuitive to use. With Valo everything is linked to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem so there’s no need to take in yet another platform.


Create complete digital workplace experience combined with other Valo Digital Workplace solutions

increase internal communications with microsoft intranet
valo teamwork is a team collaboration tool at its best

Valo Intranet

Take care of your internal communications and employee engagement with an award-winning intranet in-a-box solution.

Valo Teamwork

Valo Teamwork gathers all Microsoft collaboration tools and discussions together helping you make the teamwork in Microsoft Teams more structured.

  • Fully integrated to Microsoft 365 ecosystem
  • Access and use through Microsoft Teams
  • Fully compatible with PC and Mac
  • Use with Apple or Android device
  • Follows WCAG 2.1 criteria
  • Single sign-on
  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch, reach us for more languages
  • Delivery partners in 50+ countries

900+ happy customers and over 3 million daily users worldwide.

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Julie Whitlock happy Valo Customer

We used Valo Ideas in launching our new Intranet to obtain feedback and ideas from our staff community to go in the backlog of future improvements.

Julie Whitlock
Associate Director, Digital Innovations, Murdoch University
Digital workplace specialist Maarten Eekels

I love the idea of democratizing ideas. Ask people for ideas and have other people vote on those ideas. It works to get the conversation started. It works to get buy-in from your employees.

Maarten Eekels
Chief Digital Officer / Microsoft MVP + Regional Director, Portiva
Murdoch University Valo Customer
Valo Partner Portiva

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