fall in love with communication with valo staff intranet

Fall in love with communication

Embrace internal communications and interaction with Valo’s modern, visual, and social staff intranet.

Be together with valo intranet

From shop floor to C-suite

Award-winning Valo staff intranet increases employee engagement and transparency

Built on Sharepoint Framework Built for Modern SharePoint

Access and use through Microsoft Teams

2019_2017_2016_Valo Intranet Best Intranet

Fast and easy staff intranet

From implementation to content creation to branded user experience, you can trust Valo Intranet is so simple and easy that anyone can become a content creator.

Multi-award winner

Valo Intranet is proved to be one of the best intranet platforms out there! For several years in row, it has won intranet in-a-box categories from European SharePoint Community and ClearBox Consulting’s comparisons.

Keep it Fresh

Valo Intranet enhances, simplifies and enables your staff to take full advantage of everything that Microsoft 365 has to offer. With Fresh subscription, you’ll get the latest Valo Intranet releases, while making sure your Microsoft ecosystem is always up-to-date too

Communicate and connect

Connect and engage your people, working remotely or together

Communicate with valo intranet
Access valo intranet from any device 2
Valo Intranet follows WCGA 2.1 criteria

2-way communication

Keep your people informed through your content whether it’s company news, events, or important messages. Encourage employees across the company to like, comment, or reply to company news or other publications.

Access from any device, anywhere, anytime

Connect your employees and break the barriers between departments and office locations with Valo Intranet. No matter if they are in the same building or working remotely a whole world apart, all communications from news to files can be accessed from a desktop, tablet, or through a native mobile app.

Accessible for everyone

Not only is Valo staff Intranet fully responsive, but also simple to navigate for those who are technologically challenged as it follows the WCAG 2.1 criteria.

Search and find

Cut through the jungle of intranet information and documents with Valo

Valo Intranet is one-platform for all information
customisable search result page at valo intranet
Valo staff intranet has easy-to-use navigation 

Intranet in-a-box for all information

Access all your company news, information, documents, and social activities from one centralized and structured intranet service, whether you are at the office or working remotely.

Customizable intranet and search results page

Customize your intranet to meet your exact needs eg with search results page to highlight documents, pages, sites or any other type of content for your users.

Easy to-use navigation

The Mega Menu together with bread crumb navigation makes sure it’s always easy to find the exact information you’re searching for without getting lost. You can even save your favorite internal and external links to My links for quick and easy access to your most-visited pages.

Content management

Focus on creating your content, not on working the technology

Easy content creation in valo intranet
Relevant and timely content at you valo intranet
Target and tailor your content with valo intranet

Easy content creation

With Valo’s intuitive content creation tools, like the Valo Toolbox and content templates, anyone can create brand-consistent new sites, pages or news.

Relevant and timely content

Schedule your content to be published ahead of your time and set automated expiration dates to offer always new and relevant content.

Target and tailor your content

Highlight and prioritize the content by publishing your content to be seen by your entire company, or target specific teams based on location or department by defining different audiences.

Delightful to use

Seamless. Simple. Customisable intranet.

Valo staff intranet has many layouts to choose from
Create your own look to your valo intranet

Choose from ready-made user interfaces or create your own

Choose your favorite user interface and adjust with your company’s branding, colors, and fonts. Or get creative and customize if none of the ready-made user interfaces suit your needs.

Consistent look throughout your hubs

Thanks to site and page templates, all your content types stay consistent and on-brand no matter who creates the content.

Mobile app

With the Valo Digital Workplace app, intranet is always with you!

Always latest news with valo digital workplace app
Enable push notifications for Valo Digital Workplace App
Connect with co-workers with Valo Digital Workplace App
With fresh subscription valo digitalworkplace app is Ready to go 

Ready-to-go, always fresh

As part of the Fresh subscription, Valo Digital Workplace App is ready to use as soon as your staff intranet is up and running. The company news is always up-to-date in the native mobile app, reaching easily also the field-workers. Available for iOS and Android, you’ll find the app from the App Store or Google Play!

Enable push notifications

With push notifications, your most important and time-sensitive messages will reach even your remote working colleagues instantly.

Connect with co-workers

Start a Microsoft Teams conversation with your colleagues directly from the app’s People Finder.

Ready-to go

With Fresh subscription, the mobile app is ready to use as soon as your staff intranet is up and running. You’ll find it from the App Store or Google Play!

Intranet add-ons

Complement your staff intranet with add-ons or other Valo Products

valo intranet's social add-on
valo intranet add-on multilingual
Valo intranet add-on people
Valo intranet add-on adoption
fall in love with digital collaboration with valo teamwork
Valo Ideas - easy-to-use ideation tool
build a better workplace with valo connect


Share your social media content, videos, and blog with Social Feature to make sure your employees know what’s going on on your external channels as well.


Connect your multinational enterprise by localizing the content easily in 20+ supported languages.


Find and learn more about your co-workers that work across the globe or in a different department.


Focus on user adoption, content, and analytics around them to improve your communications with Admin Toolpack and other adoption features.

Valo Teamwork

Add-on or a stand-alone, Valo Teamwork gathers all your collaboration tools together helping you make the co-operation in Microsoft Teams more structured.

Valo Ideas

Add-on or a stand-alone, with Valo Ideas you can collect and nurture ideas in a fun way directly from Microsoft Teams.

Valo Connect

Share news where your staff is by integrating your Valo Intranet within Microsoft Teams with Valo Connect.

Valo enhances Microsoft Intranet

Take full advantage of your Microsoft Intranet investment with the intranet-in-a-box

With fresh subscription valo digitalworkplace app is Ready to go 
Approved by IT department
Valo intranet works both On cloud or on-prem

Keep it Fresh

With Fresh subscription, you’ll get the latest Valo Intranet Features and access to Valo Digital Workplace App.

Better together – Valo & Microsoft

There’s no need to take in yet another platform as Valo is built 100 % on top of Office 365 & SharePoint, always a step ahead. Keep it safe with a single sign-on, and easy and intuitive to use to get the best of both. Approved by IT department!

On cloud or on-prem   

You choose whether you want to have your SharePoint on the cloud or on-premises. We support both, even hybrid scenarios.

  • Fully integrated to Microsoft 365 ecosystem
  • Cloud and on-premises
  • Access and use through Microsoft Teams
  • Fully compatible with PC and Mac
  • Use with Apple or Android device
  • Follows WCAG 2.1 criteria
  • Single sign-on
  • Available in 20+ languages
  • Delivery partners in 50+ countries
  • Extend over Microsoft and integrate with 3rd party platforms

900+ happy Valo customers and over 3 million users worldwide.

Organisations of all sizes and industries have chosen Valo’s intranet in-a-box to have easy-to-use intranet everyone can access. Read why from the customer stories →

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