Webinar Employee Communications

Webinar: Creating employee communications your staff will love

What is employee communications and why it is more important now than ever before? During our webinar, we’ll go through the most common employee communications challenges and give suggestions on how to solve them in the Microsoft Teams-driven reality!

Creating catchy internal communications content for your employees is definitely your cup of tea. But what does employee communications mean in practice? It includes the sharing of information, ideas, and feelings between employees and leaders of a company. Employee communications can happen verbally, or virtually, on various mediums such as email, mobile applications, intranets, and collaboration tools.

However, it’s a shame when the content is not delivered and read by the audience, communication bottlenecks appear. The fact is that communication is always a two-way effort. The writers and readers can do a lot themselves to improve this experience.

During our webinar, we’ll go through the most common employee communications challenges and give suggestions on how to solve them in the Microsoft Teams driven reality. In addition, we are going to show you the hidden little gems in Microsoft Teams to make the daily workday easier for all of your colleagues – because you and your staff deserve it.

  • Learn what employee communications is and why it matters
  • How to tackle current employee communication challenges and barriers
  • Understand the benefits of improved employee communications and strategies
  • Top tips to streamline, measure, and modernize communications
  • See how technology can enable better employee communications
  • Master life hacks on how to organize and use the Teams environment better
  • Discover Viva Connections and our own addition Valo Connect

The webinar duration is 45-min + questions from the audience. It is hosted by our world-class experts in internal communications and collaborations. See you there!

Who should attend this webinar: Communication Lovers, Teams Champions and End-Users, Human Resources Professionals, People & Culture Developers, Marketing Masters, and anyone with the passion towards unifying comms and collab inside an organization for their or their clients’ teams.

Pick the time that suits you best on February 16th, 2022: 9 am CET (Paris Berlin) // 7 pm AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne) // 9 am PST (Los Angeles, San Diego) // 12 pm EST (New York, Montreal).

The recording will be sent after the event to all those who register.

Meet the Speakers

Edyta Gorzón, Teams Lovers & MVP & Partner Manager EMEA at Valo

Edyta’s passion is change management and adoption topics in Microsoft 365 environment. She believes that technology can be a friend of each user, regardless of the user’s role in the organization or his/her technical skills. The trick is to understand the real business needs, find the best solution and successfully conduct the change management process. Also, Edyta is engaged in Microsoft Community and she got Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps & Services domain, because of her love to share knowledge.

Ruud Brok, M365 Pro & Valo Technical Partner Manager, EMEA

Ruud loves tech stuff but does not forget end users and adoption. In his daily quest to conquer the world, he uses the 365 toolkit to help employees be more productive and happier about their digital collaboration. He is always willing to help and share his knowledge and strong expertise to fix users’ collaboration chaos for the better.

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