Webinar: Viva Enhanced, Teams as a Platform

When: July 29th at 1pm Pacific Time

Who should attend this webinar? Consultants, IT Managers, IT Architects, Corp Communications, Marcom, Solutions Architects

You may have heard of Microsoft Viva, two of the four Viva products have shipped, but many are still confused about how it fits in with Microsoft’s initiatives.  Did you know Viva is entirely built on Teams? 

Teams is the fastest-growing product in Microsoft history with over 150 million active daily users. The Microsoft Viva product lines are the killer apps for “Teams as a Platform”. 

In this informative webinar, we will help you understand the Teams platform investment as Microsoft’s modern workplace, digital transformation to cloud innovation, and show you how Microsoft is taking their own advice in building solutions to empower, and engage, employees. 

With the collision of communication and collaboration, it’s time to catch up on how the World has changed and “Teams as a Platform”, with killer apps, has engaged the enterprise, business teams, and personal productivity.

In this informative webinar, you will learn the following:

  • Understand how Microsoft Viva fits into Teams as a Platform. See how Viva Connections provides the plumbing for next generation intranets, global navigation, and hubs.
  • Experience Modern Teamwork, enhanced by governance, and discovery, through the Valo Solutions Collaboration Stack and the Valo Productivity Stack.
  • See Viva in context, for clear examples, of employee engagement and employee experience systems.
  • Follow the latest Microsoft Directions and see the updated Microsoft 365 Roadmap.
  • See “Teams as a Platform” in action using the rich Valo Solutions to extend how you get to the places where you work and the people you work with.
  • Find true secure extranet and guest functionality with the Valo Solutions Collaboration Stack, including powerful guest and sharing solutions.

So what are you waiting for, join us in this exclusive webinar now!

The recording will be sent after the event to all those who register.

Meet the Speaker

Joel Oleson is widely recognized as one of the world’s most connected Office 365 and SharePoint Community leaders. 

Joel spent 10 years at Microsoft as a for the launch of Microsoft’s Collaboration products from the beginning as the first dedicated SharePoint Admin for Microsoft internal deployments of Tahoe and Office Web Server, and in strategy, as later as Architect for the early versions of SharePoint Online. 

His passion was helping kick start communities all over the world and doing white board sessions with consultants and architects to help companies be successful. 

Find him at @joeloleson http://collabshow.com

The Valo Solutions value proposition

Valo has the ability to execute time to value in a single digital workspace. Bridging the gap to intranet maturity, re-imagined on Teams, Valo Solutions are flexible and focused to gain adoptions. www.valosolutions.com

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